How to create a wikipedia profile

List of Policies To Create A Profile in Wikipedia

Wikipedia project, after its inception the sole purpose of this project is to provide the best information to the readers. Readers around the world trust the ability of Wikipedia writers, as the information provided on this platform is unbiased and neutral from every angle. For Every point or component in the content of Wikipedia, there is a detailed and explained policy of Wikipedia. Approximately, 143,356 contributors have been revising and increasing the quantity and quality of the article on Wikipedia. Through this, Wikipedia is gaining credibility and SERP ranking.

Several new writers have been asking how to have a Wikipedia profile because the list of Wikipedia policies is lengthy and detailed. Understanding these policies is one of the challenging steps for new editors or writers, however, keep reading the post to know more about the policy. From content to vandalism and from legal to deletion of the page is explained in fact.


Wikipedia Policies, On How To Get A Wikipedia Profile

Policies are set or described to create trustworthy content and resolve content or conduct issues in Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free platform, where anyone can share information and edit pages according to their research. However, to provide Wikipedia a standard and authority, it is significant to understand every major and minor policy of Wikipedia. Writers who are still asking how do I get a Wikipedia profile must read this post.

Wikipedia Content Policy:

Content is the king of any academic or non-academic source, any online or print form of information. It is one of the main scopes of writing an article and creating suitable scope for an encyclopedia. Here, the title, images, point of view, as well as verifiability, are some of the key aspects.

  • Titles of Wikipedia Article

For creating content, one must first look for the appropriate title for the Wikipedia article. The title must be understandable, recognizable, concise, and elaborate the quality of content through a title. This will increase the reader’s attraction and authenticity to the topic.

  • Profile of a Living person

When a writer is working on how to make a Wikipedia profile, a writer must keep in mind that a profile is created for the real person or the person who was alive. So that people can read the achievements, and work done by the person. With high-quality references, one must understand the sensitivity of the information.

  • Use of Image


One must avoid using images from various sources and without descriptions. It will create a bad impact on the reader.

Wikipedia Conduct Policy:

With good faith, writers have to work according to the policy to engage readers with the content. Every editor or writer has to respect the writer’s hard work and solve the dispute of resolution according to a certain policy.

Wikipedia does not allow any writer or editor to attack personally anywhere in Wikipedia. Writers can comment on the content, but not on the contributor or volunteer.

  • Ownership of the Content

In Wikipedia, no article is your ‘own’. Though, there are some rights and copyright rules. However, Wikipedia is an open platform for allowing anyone and everyone to edit and upgrade your content.

  • Vandalism

Any addition or deletion of the content without any reason or upgrade is violence in Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia platform never allows vandalism in any content or page.

 Wikipedia Deletion Policy:

If anyone intentionally damages the policies of the page or content on Wikipedia, the authorities delete the account or the contribution of the user. Writers or editors cannot attack any page or article, add wrong details in the article, or provide useless references.

  • Deletion Policy

Deletion of an article or page requires consensus of Wikipedia Authorities. They analyze the situation, which can take 1-week time and some procedure steps.

  • Speedy Deletion Process

If the article, image, or any other infographic content is violating the credibility or disrupting the Wikipedia page, may get speedy deletion.

These are some of the significant policies, which are exercised more often in Wikipedia. However, there are several more policies one must know before jumping to know how do you get a Wikipedia profile. These policies build certain boundaries around every writer, editor, the publisher, and even administrators to work under the fence. So that readers can learn something new from every page and can rely on Wikipedia when they search for any topic.

Steps To Create A Wikipedia Profile

There are certain steps, which can help a new user to create a page for their profile.

  • Formation of a Wikipedia Account

The most important step if you are not a Wikipedia user. You must create an account so that you can access it further in Wikipedia.

  • Revising the articles – build credibility

Every page or blog website will ask for some credibility. However, this is the online encyclopedia, which is the most used one in the world. Therefore, if anyone wants to create an article, first they have to gain the trust of readers and Wiki authorities.

  • Search For The Topic

This step has two types of searches; one within the boundary of Wikipedia, the other related to the topic. Within Wikipedia, one must search if the topic already has an existing page; if not then the writer must dive for the second search. The second search allows the writers to gain credible information regarding the topic.

  • Draft the article and submit it to the Experts

Once you have drafted the article with complete references, you must submit it according to the policies of Wikipedia to the authorities for proofreading. This process will take some time.

Is there any policy for administrators in Wikipedia?

Well, yes! There is a policy of enforcement where the role and rule of administrators are defined. They have to play a role model for the writer and revise the family of Wikipedia. They have to exercise certain roles and a fair share of performance to maintain their position.

What makes an online platform like Wikipedia make a credible source?

For Wikipedia, an online page must gain and earn the trust of the readers through unbiased information. With references and carefully written pieces of evidence, a writer can create her or his writing credibility.


While working for Wikipedia, everyone shall be conscious and work according to the policy of Wikipedia. To avoid any mishap or deletion of the page.

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