how to create a wikipedia page for yourself

How to Create a Wikipedia Page About Yourself

Wikipedia is the most visited website in the Globe, for sharing information in a neutral and notable format. Users who want to create professional credibility in the internet world must learn how to make a Wikipedia page of yourself. Wikipedia is one of the highest-ranking websites on Google as it is mostly searched to read information or understand the basic word. With 14 thousand and more contributors, one must take the Wikipedia page as a credible source. For it always provides notable information to the reader with cite sources and external links.

For the list of Wikipedia policies in this post, I have discussed the NPOV. Neutral Point of View policy for the content used in the Wikipedia pages and article.

Wikipedia Content NPOV Policies To Make An Article

Are you thinking of learning how to create a Wikipedia page of yourself? On the other hand, are you hiring anyone to help you in creating a Wikipedia page for yourself? If yes, then initially you must keep in mind that for Wikipedia content policy Neutrality in Point of View is one of the most crucial policies no writer can avoid or eliminate. All writers whether new or old must seek to provide neutral POV in the content while revising an article or creating a new one on the topic.

Wikipedia NPOV Policy:

In all encyclopedias, it is important to have an NPOV policy for all the writers and editors. It encourages them to have in-depth research on the topic and write the content creatively without any biases. The content must present proportionately accurate and displays all the necessary facts in the topic with credible cite sources. Writers must memorize the fact that NPOV is the ultimate principle of Wikipedia and its other projects, to maintain its reputation and authenticity. It will assist people who are searching for answers for “how can I make a Wikipedia page about myself.”

● Avoid Declaring Opinions As Facts

The non-negotiable policy of NPOV has the first principle of avoiding stating opinions as facts. For creating content, one must first look for the appropriate title for the Wikipedia article. The title must be understandable, recognizable, concise, and elaborate the quality of content through a title. This will increase the reader’s attraction and authenticity to the topic.

● Treat Assertions As Opinions

If you have come across several references, which are creating conflict or confusion. Make sure to use these assertions as to the opinions in the content with an indirect statement. So that you can avoid stating it as the fact in the content.

● Avoid Stating Facts As Opinions

If there is a fact, you must state it directly in the content. However, you have to be sure of the fact that it is from reliable sources and does not have controversies in it. This fact must be stated in Wikipedia’s voice.

● Prefer Non-Judgmental Language

With a neutral policy, you have to be non-judgmental while you are writing any opinion or any fact in an article. You do not have to elaborate on the matter; however, balance it with discussion but not debate.

Achieve Neutrality in Wikipedia

When you are stating any matter in the content with a relevant source, you must not omit it because of biases. However, a writer must try to work hard to get the content in a more neutral tone. You must take assistance from experts to help you in understanding how we can create a Wikipedia page of myself.

● Naming/ Wikipedia Titles

Most new writers are wondering about how do I create a Wikipedia page for myself. However, they must keep in mind when they are selecting the titles of their article must not have any traces of biases. It must be appropriate and attractive for the readers.

● Structure of the Content

The structure is the most important element for a writer when they create a Wikipedia page for yourself. It allows them to stay neutral in content and avoid controversial problems like POV Forking.

● Good Research

For any Wikipedia page, it is necessary to have in-depth research on the topic you are writing an article about. You must try looking for libraries or journal articles online that are reliable and authentic.

Wikipedia Handling Neutrality Disputes:

It is crucial to handle neutral disputes while writing for Wikipedia. It will enhance the neutrality level on the tone and reliability of the content. Make sure you are providing correct and direct details if the information is factual.

● Avoid Rephrasing The Opinions

Writers must keep in mind to avoid rephrasing the opinions or the biased statements. You are about to make a Wikipedia Article about yourself, you must be careful of this policy. One must not use weasel words like many or suppose and other words, which are not providing clear meanings.

● Making Necessary Assumptions

Sometimes it is necessary to make assumptions for explaining methods or scientific research. It supports the content to provide a clear understanding to the readers. These assumptions are generally made to explain philosophical or historical topics.

How can anyone write about a person in neutrality?

When making content on Wikipedia, a person has to have complete research on the person. Positive and negative, both information shall be used in the content. However, while using them in content one must understand the policy of balance and writing style so that readers can understand the viewpoint of the writers as neutral.

What is the difference between asserting fact and asserting opinions?

If you are stating a fact in the Wikipedia content it must use Wikipedia’s voice. For example, “Earth is a planet,” this must not have an in-text attribution. However, when you are stating an opinion, it must have an in-text attribution to the spokesperson or group of people who stated it.


While understanding how can I create a Wikipedia page for myself, you must understand the policy of NPOV. So that you can write and create a neutral page for the readers. It will assist your readers to understand your personality without any biased information.

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