how to create a wikipedia page for a company

Comprehensive Use Of Citations in Wikipedia Page For A Company

Wikipedia, an encyclopedia offers information with credible sources and references. Today, knowledge has gained the true power of keeping readers informed regarding any situation, event, or disease. Wikipedia started with six languages; gradually it began to spread its wings to the most spoken languages in the region and internationally. Currently, Wikipedia has 310 language pages working and providing information to readers around the globe. The new writers and editors of the Wikipedia page need to understand the use of citation before learning how to create a Wikipedia page for your company. Some of the significant guidance for using citation in the articles has been discussed here, so that once you are planning to create a Wikipedia page for your company you can easily make it.

Wikipedia Page For A Company

Citation Guidelines To Create A Wikipedia Page Your Business

Several guidelines and policies are provided for using citations in an article. The use of citation is to provide authenticity and trust to the readers. If you find anyone who is asking how to make a Wikipedia page for an organization, you must ask him or her to understand the citation importance before working for the article or a page. After your content notability, your citations will work for the confirmation of the article and a page. Keep reading to find details regarding the types of citations and ways of using cite sources in the content.

Full Citations

In this type, a writer will identify the complete reliable source. Moreover, place it where it is applicable in the content. However, a writer must keep in mind that full citations are always mentioned in the footnote section. So that, if readers want to learn more about the topic, they can find the source at the end of the article. You can hire new editors to edit or make a Wikipedia page for your business as a guide or on your behalf. They understand the role of full citations in the article when writing about the business. Here, published articles, journals, or any primary source can work as the full citation.

Inline Citation:

In this citation, writers or editors can use a close reliable source that can support the content or statement mentioned in the article. It will help the readers to have faith in the information provided by a writer.

Short Citation:

Similar to inline citation, one can use the short format of explaining the citation with a hyperlink to the original page. It can be a website or the book, addressing the name of the book and author name rather than sharing the complete source information. However, you can mention it at the end of the bibliography or make another section for short citations.

In-Text Attribution:

Some writers like to explain or mention the source while stating or quoting anyone. While mentioning the source file in the citation section, it does not provide full information to the readers. Short information with hyperlinks is provided. Writers working on how to create a Wikipedia page for a brand may use this type of citation.

General Reference:

Often writers mention general references while writing an article to support the content. If you are learning how to create a Wikipedia page for a business, you can use general references to create the credibility of your content. It will enhance the weight of your information as well as business.

Reason To Use Citation In An Article For Business

Every page or website requires credibility when an editor or blogger is providing a piece of information. Similarly, Wikipedia is one of the most used encyclopedias for reading articles and gaining information regarding several new topics. Therefore, it acquires citations to offer trustworthy information to readers around the world. By adding cite sources, writers create their writing and research credibility as well as inform the readers about the verified content.

Use Of Multimedia As Cite Source:


Sometimes to create a connection, writers make sure to use images or media files as the cited source. If there are, cite sources to include in an article like how to make a Wikipedia page for my company, you must make sure they are reliable ones. A writer can use image captions as a properly cited source for creating a trustworthy article for the readers.

What You Must Include In A Cite Source

When you are working on a citation, you must make sure to use these as your inline citation or general citation. It will help readers to research further on the topic if required.

For Books

If you are using books as your cite source, you must incorporate information like the name of the author, the title of the book, date of publishing, place of publishing as well as edition. Through this information, the reader will understand the source of information is coming from the recent or the old source. Several books have various versions as well as editions, one must make sure to note down the correct information with the edition year.

For Websites

If you are citing sources from the Website, you must use, Specific URL name, Name of the author, Article title, Domain title, date of the published article. However, if the article was published earlier and updated on some other date, make sure you are using the updated date in the cited source.

What percentage of Wikipedia users contribute to create a Wikipedia page for a business?

Around 71% of editors are contributing to revising Wikipedia articles and pages. These editors like to contribute on a voluntary level; they feel satisfied to share knowledge and information with the readers. Approx. 69% of readers believe information must be available to everyone free.

Can anyone create a Wikipedia page for my business for free?

Wikipedia is a free platform for everyone. It only requires an account. Once you have created an account, you are free to create a page and draft an article for your company or an organization.


Creating a page requires a lot of cite sources, to build the credibility of the business page or the organization. You must keep in mind as a writer that all articles whether you are revising or creating a new one need to have a reference point from where you have taken the information. So that readers can trust your writing and research work.

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