how to create a wikipedia page for someone

Must-Follow Wikipedia Guidelines To Make A Page For Someone

Wikipedia is an encyclopedic platform with 41,223,733 registered members, where thousands of articles are edited every second. Writers are upgrading information voluntarily, to contribute and share found information with the reader around the world. The Wikipedia community is one of the most diverse communities, actively working in the various parts of the continent. The Wikipedia policy is to perform the task with sincerity and accuracy so that every reader can trust the authenticity of Wikipedia and its contributors.

These volunteers make sure to work within the boundaries and guidelines of Wikipedia. It enhances the role of Wikipedia in the online world as well as SERP ranking. In this post, people who are beginning to learn how to create a Wikipedia page for someone will understand the content policies of Wikipedia. With this information to be included in a Wikipedia article.

Wikipedia Content Guidance For Beginners

Every new writer must know about the content guidance provided by Wikipedia experts. If there is anyone who is asking can I make a Wikipedia page about someone, then you must suggest him or her to read Wikipedia content guidance. Here in this post, you will understand the content guidance in a precise format.

Content – Must Be Clear:

In an article, the content plays the role of a king. In which, you have to be precise and clear in conveying information regarding a person or someone who has approached you for the task. Keep in mind that encyclopedias are focused on content and their authority.

  • Appropriate Title of Article

As you are searching for the topic name, make sure it is appropriate and linked with the content you are going to associate it with.

  • No Original Information of Person

It is the policy of Wikipedia to avoid original information regarding any person or personality. So that it cannot create confusion or damage the reputation.

  • Use the Person Image

If you are writing an article on a person, then you must use an image of the person to create authenticity.

Content – concise but useful:

Your content in an article must be precise and useful for the readers to gain knowledge. The more you provide, the more you are confusing a reader.

  • Avoid using jargons

On Wikipedia, it is prohibited to use jargon or language that is not appropriate for the content.

  • Use of Links

When you are providing some information from a document or published article, you must use the links at the end of the article. Through this, a reader can gain additional information.

  • Avoid Plagiarism

Avoid plagiarizing any content or line in the article. Wikipedia has strict rules and guidance regarding plagiarism. Once you have plagiarized, the content Wikipedia authorities will take action on your article.

 Work According to the template:

Learning how to make a Wikipedia page for a person requires a template to follow. Wikipedia has a standard template for the new writers to follow. Open any page written on someone, you will find a similar template.

  • Introduction

In the background or introduction, you will be describing the history of the person’s life. Moreover, gradually, you will come to the present. So that readers can understand the content.

  • Career and Personal Life Information

First, you will work on your personal life, exploring the real or full name of the person. Name of the parents, share academic information with early-life events. In the career section, first job, or movie or music album. Continue with the difficulties of the person’s career. Share with evidence from where the person started his or her career.

  • Future Projects

In this section, you can share the upcoming projects of the person. Through this information, readers will remain well-informed regarding the future plans of the person.

Steps On How To Start A Wikipedia Page For Someone

There are certain steps, which can help a new user to create a page for their description.

  • Anonymous Sign Up

When you are planning to learn how to create a Wikipedia page for a person, you can make an anonymous account. Therefore, an account of that person can remain secret or protected from the public eye.

  • Edit Articles

For creating an account, you have to edit some of the already published articles. It will help you in creating trust and accuracy in providing information.

  • Do Some Good Research Work

Use the Search bar of Wikipedia, to search about the topic if it already has a page. If there is no page, then you must carry on with your research work for the topic. The more you have credible sources for the content, the more your page will be authentic.

  • Make an Article and Submit

Write an article after collecting data. Add all the credible sources at the end of the article in the Reference section. Once you are done, submit it to the experts of Wikipedia for proofreading and approving the content.

What common reasons are for making a Wikipedia page for someone?

Wikipedia pages support the person to gain credibility in the market. Then the person can be a popular personality or someone with power or intelligence. While gaining credibility, one will also boost the SERP rankings and improve SEO rankings.

How long will it take to create a Wikipedia article about a person?

If you have sources and information drafted already, it will take less than an hour to create a Wikipedia article about someone. Make sure information is reliable and accurate for the readers to read and gain knowledge.

How do you start a Wikipedia page about someone, is it always easy?

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can easily create a page for someone. Whereas for the first time you will have to create an account and then edit the existing article. However, if you already passed that phase, you can now create as many articles as you want.


Creating error-free content is one of the main purposes of every experienced writer. Therefore, the beginners must follow the steps to build their credibility and sustain the reputation of Wikipedia.

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