how to create a wikipedia page for an author

Wikipedia is one of the most used and search platforms for all genres of information. It is the best encyclopedia in the online world, which was launched to spread information and knowledge around the world. The founders of the Wikipedia project started the project in the English language in 2001, within a few months it has started to spread its wings in Non-English Wikipedia pages in the same year. So that people with different languages and cultures can get access to the page.

Wikipedia community or volunteers are recognized as Wikipedians across the globe. They work as free volunteers for creating Wikipedia pages. They are writers, and editors of several hundred Wikipedia pages with a clear understanding of Wikipedia policies and guidelines. Anyone can start revising or writing a Wikipedia page; however, it requires certain creativity in improving the information with thorough research work.

Role of Wikipedians In Creating A Wikipedia Page

If you are wondering about becoming one of the Wikipedians, it is important to understand that Wikipedians’ work is not simple. They improve the quality of the article, work on fixing typo errors, and eliminating information that can harm the article’s reputation or Wikipedia’s. With revising and writing content, these people are responsible for introducing perfect content for the readers and resolving issues of the Wikipedia contents. To have an authentic Wikipedia page, you must follow these steps of the Wikipedia page formation process.

Steps On How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Book

Once you are confident in being one of the Wikipedians, or you want to understand how to create a Wikipedia page for an author. Let us draw the roadmap you have to follow for the formation of the Wikipedia page.

  • Sign Up

The foremost step is to have an account on For this, you have to follow some of the steps like

  • Go to the Wikipedia site
  • Click on the top right corner of the page on create an account page button
  • Enter the information in the given blanks
  • Once you have an account read the guidelines provided by the Wikipedia team

Sign Up

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  • Revising the Existing Article And Correcting Typo Errors

To become a Wikipedia editor, you have to search and edit existing articles, for either typo errors or inserting correct reference links. However, you have to make sure that your contribution is improving the quality of the Wikipedia content.

  • Establishing Credibility In Existing Articles

Once you have selected the existing article, you must make sure that all the citations you are providing are correct and useful for the readers. Credible references will build your article’s authenticity.

  • Search And Create A New Article

Search for the topic, before writing the draft on it. Look if it already exists on the Wikipedia page, if it does it will show you the blue-colored link. If there is no related page, then you can start working by clicking on the red-colored link on Wikipedia. It will help you in creating a new article.

Create A New Article
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  • Drafting And Submitting

Once you understand how to create a Wikipedia page for a Book, you can make a draft for an article. Select your content tone and writing style first before you are drafting the content. Cite the references and citations from the authentic and published sources.

  • Situations: Confirmation Or Rejection

Once you have submitted the page, you will receive a notification within 3-4 weeks regarding confirmation or rejection of your article. If it is confirmed, you can publish it. If not, then you have to edit the article with some tweaks and creativity.

Should you create a Wikipedia page for an author for promotion?

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, which does not allow users to make a page for promotional purposes. This website provides information solely.

What happens when someone uses a biased tone in a Wikipedia article written for an author?

If someone has used a biased tone in Wikipedia article writing, the Wikipedia editors and authors will reject it. While making a Wikipedia article ensure your tone is neutral and straightforward.

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