how to create a wikipedia page for an athlete

Guide To Create An Online Recognition For An Athlete

The second most renowned online encyclopedia is Wikipedia. It is gaining users from all around the world. Maintaining the quality of content and reputation of providing authentic information. It is one of the publicly editable platforms, which provides an opportunity to every writer and editor to edit or upgrade the information. Any new user or old writer can edit any page according to the Wikipedia Editing guidelines. Users need to follow them, as it will accept or reject the edits.

Since Wikipedia’s beginning, it is their primary vision and purpose to provide the best and authentic information to the readers around the world. Through this, Wikipedia is not only gaining credibility but also gaining reliability in the SERP.

Wikipedia Article Revising – Guideline and Policies

Revising Wikipedia information is one of the challenging yet simple tasks for a writer to understand the guidelines and policies. To understand the Revising interface one must know there are two types of interface. Wikitext – Wiki markup and VisualEditor.

Visual Editor (VE):

Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) develops it. Through Visual Editor, the Redrafting process of the article has become easy. It is one of the user-friendly options for the editors, without learning any Wiki code or Wikitext methods. It is available to the declared editors and users who are looking for Re-writing the articles.

Wiki Markup:

Until Visual editor, editors had to learn wiki Markup to edit the Wikipedia articles. It is also known as the Wiki code or Wikitext. There are several revising and instructions one needs to follow while learning the Wiki Markup. For Wiki Markup text, one needs to click on the Edit option on the Wikipedia page. Through this page, you will come across the re-writing page, where you will be re-writing the content according to your findings and reference.

Learn How to Make A Wikipedia Page For An Athlete As an Editor

When you are learning to create a page for a person or a professional personality. It is important to know some of the significant steps of creating a Wikipedia page.

  • Sign Up For Wikipedia Page

The beginning step for any editor or writer is to create an account on Wikipedia. It will allow you to have access to the existing article as well as creating a new article. When you are planning to sign up, you will come across a page. It will ask for basic information to open an account like the one username, password, and email address with a confirmation box. As per experts, you must select the username according to the requirement, however, you can choose an anonymous name as well.

  • Credibility through Refurbishing articles

For Refurbishing a Wikipedia article, one must know that there are several guidelines for writing style. It assists the volunteer editors to write and maintain the articles according to the language preferences, grammar, and punctuations. Editors must follow the standardized style given and explained by the Wikipedia Editors.

  • Draft Of the Edit article

For creating a draft article of an athlete, an editor must include the achievements, awards, and match time and days in his or her record. With various reference points, editors must use authentic headings to make an article worthy and understanding for the readers. The draft must contain references and citations so that an expert editor can follow the links and proofread the article correctly.

What are the requirements of a Wikipedia page?

The information on Wikipedia must be verified; sometimes-independent sources also work in the article. The concept of Wikipedia is to provide notable and correct information to the readers.

Can You Write a Wikipedia Entry For an Athlete?

If you want to create a Wikipedia page, you can. Even if you do not have any writing experience, you can still work for Wikipedia articles. However, you just have to be careful while including citations and references for the Wikipedia article.

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