how to create a wikipedia page for an artist

Explore Template and Procedure To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Artist

Wikipedia is the second most searched website according to Statista Feb 2021. It is claiming approximately 2.2 billion visits around the Globe. The Encyclopedia is a page with complete information for the readers with further reading links and cites sources to create a link of credibility. It enhances the reader’s knowledge by sharing unique and upgraded information through their extensive research work. Users can include images, videos, and charts to make sure that your content has some relevant pictures and connectivity to the media. To understand the Wikipedia page-making guidelines and template, you must keep reading this post.

Template – How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Musician

There is a specific template for every article, post, and research paper. While on Wikipedia, you are planning to create a page for an artist or film, you have to follow the standard template. It will help you in segregating the information as well as creating a simple and understandable article for every reader around the world. The template has some important paths for a music album or movie.

  • Lead Section
  • Cast
  • Plot
  • Reference
  • Further Readings
  • External Links

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Template for an Artist or Musician

5 Steps: How To Make A Wikipedia Page For A Celebrity

For every achievement, you have to start with a roadmap of steps. These steps will help you in understanding the easiest and reliable way of following the roadmap to create a Wikipedia page for a band.

Step 1: To Have An Account On Wikipedia

Through, one can create an account or sign in if they already have a username and password. If you do not have an account, start with creating one for your personal or professional use. You can create it anonymously or through your username. You must click on create an account page here, you will come across a form which will require

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email Address
  • Caption Code

Once you have provided all information, a dialogue box will open and ask you to “agree” or “disagree” with the Terms and Conditions of the Wikipedia website. Click on agree to continue after reading the details. Moreover, you have now created your account; you must continue to understand how to get a Wikipedia artist page.

Wikipedia artist page

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Step 2: Refurbishing the Article And Creating Credibility

Once you have an account, it is important to share your credible writing expertise with Wikipedia. Here, you cannot share your blogs or existing articles from social media. For Wikipedia, one has to edit the existing or published article with unique or updated information. With revising, a writer has to think about credible sources and references regarding that link. It will help the Wikipedia community to have trust in your writing and researching skills and vision to provide readers with reliable knowledge. With notable information, you will be able to build trust and credibility in the Wikipedia community.

Step 3: Use of Search Bar For Topic Research

After creating credibility in the Wikipedia Community, you must search on the topics you want to have an article. This search bar will become your friend to tell you if the topic already has a page or not. If the topic already has a page, it will show you through the blue-colored link. So that you can edit by clicking on that link. If there is no article related to the topic, then you can create an article by clicking on the red-colored link. It will help you with a better quality page. However, you must follow the guidelines of How to create a Wikipedia page for a Movie. It will help you in having the correct template and structure of the Wikipedia writing style.

Use of Search Bar For Topic Research

Step 4: Write an Article And Submit It For Proofreading

The most essential and challenging step is to create an article on the topic. Wikipedia has several rules and guidelines for creating an article. From template to writing style and from notability to providing references for every claimed statement. A writer needs to submit it to the Wikipedia community of editors and experts to read the article and underline the errors.

Step 5: Confirmation To Published While Rejected Get Revising

Within 3 – 4 weeks, you will receive an email regarding the confirmation or rejection of the article. If your article is confirmed, the email will guide you with further steps to publish an article. if your article is rejected, the email will underline the error you have made and allow you to re-edit the article with sources and submit it for confirmation. This step will take time as Wikipedia receives thousands of articles per hour for revising and correction.

How popular one has to be to have a Wikipedia page?

To get a Wikipedia page, one has to be notable. It is not important to be popular in the region or internationally. Anyone can have a page on Wikipedia with notable and reliable information.

What is the tone used for Wikipedia while you are creating a page for a musician?

The writer has to be notable and neutral in tone. The biased information will create controversies and Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. It requires neutral information to create a perspective of a reader independently.


While you are learning how to create a Wikipedia page for a film, you have to keep in mind a certain form of template it will use. With this, you have to understand notability and authentic information with cite sources are everything for Wikipedia. It will enhance the quality of your Wikipedia article and build your reputation as a Wikipedia writer in the community.

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