How to create a wikipedia biography page

Specified Guidelines To Create A Wikipedia Biography Page

With 15.5 billion views per month, Wikipedia is gaining the position of the most visited site in the online world. People have trust in websites with accurate information, in which myriad references and cite sources are also provided. To create a Wikipedia biography, one needs to follow the template and guidelines of Wikipedia. So that a writer can design a page with exclusive information for the readers. A biography consists of different sections and details sometimes-chronological charts or event timelines, to ease the content understandability. If you are planning to start writing for the Wikipedia page after you have gained credibility, you must start learning with biography guidelines and standard templates provided by Wikipedia expert writers.

Wikipedia Biography Template & Guidelines

Writing about a living person’s life, events and achievements require exclusive information. For which, Wikipedia has thorough guidelines and policies. Some writers may ask you why Wikipedia has guidelines for biography. The response to this question is because Wikipedia works by following some ethical ground rules, which respects everyone’s life and events. Any false claim or statement can ruin the life of a person, and here Wikipedia is offering notable information. Wikipedia has three major policies that apply to creating a biography. Keep reading to find more about it.

  • Articles – Neutral Point Of View

Creating a document with a neutral point of view is one of the challenging tasks for every writer. Either promotional or defamatory tone may trigger while writing a biography. The promotional tone is prohibited strictly in Wikipedia, as it is not an advertisement paper. In an encyclopedia, writers cannot use a promotional tone or defamatory, which damages the person’s personality. Wikipedia requires neutral information for the reader to help them in creating their perspective.

  • Verified Information for Biographies

Writing a biography on a living person needs a verified source of information. If you do not have a reliable source for the information, you must not include it in the article. If you do eventually, the Wikipedia experts will remove it. Because when you are writing about anyone’s life, it needs to have genuine information so that readers can trust your research and writing credibility. If you are a blogger, you think information from blogs, and other related pages are reliable then keep in mind they are not reliable to enter in Wikipedia articles. Avoid using blogger’s information and gossip in a formal article.

  • A Big NO to Original Information:

Several people think it is useful to use original information. However, in biographies, one must look upon the information that can build the reputation rather than damage the personality. It is advisable to avoid original research in the Wikipedia biography.

These are major guidelines for creating a Wikipedia biography. Any new writer or user revising the biography page must read these above-mentioned guidelines. It will help them to create an authentic and appropriate article for readers. While writing, you must make sure to avoid negative information and non-source information from the content.

Notability Guidelines For Creating A Wikipedia Biography

If you are getting confused with all these policies and guidelines, you must remember one thing; that is your content must be Notable. The notability of the article tests at every stage, newly created or edited for upgrading. Before diving into details of notability and other several guidelines, in this post, you will find precise information to guide you further. Keep reading to gain more information regarding notability and what is considered the notable content. Wikipedia may have a different understanding of notability than yours.

Golden Rule For Understanding Wikipedia Notable Text

To understand the Golden Rule of Wikipedia, one must remember to use these three rules on a page.

  • Significant Coverage

In a significant coverage, one must understand to have comprehensive information to cover in an article. A piece of information must directly or indirectly support the content and deliver more information through the citation.

  • Reliable Sources

A piece of information with reputation and media coverage can become reliable sources. So that when Wikipedia experts proofread the article, they can double-check the information for the article. Writers can choose information from published books or authentic newspapers. However, they must be printed and have a publication date on them.

  • Independent Sources

Independent sources also play a significant role in creating an authentic article. It helps the content to be supported by the related website or paid content article. So that readers can verify the source and information according to their perspectives. At every rewriting or written platform, Wikipedia experts will check all the sources to gain credibility through the correct and verified information.

To create a Wikipedia biography page, a writer must gather the information that has notability, and accuracy in it. The person may have won some awards, national and international titles. He or she may have upcoming programs or concerts and maybe the person is currently working on an invention. While mentioning any of this information in the content, you must hyperlink the source as well as cite it at the end of the reference sections. To clarify and provide evidence to the readers.

How To Write A Wikipedia biography page with less experience?

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps and guidelines, you will conveniently make a page for the Wikipedia biography. These steps are simple and explained comprehensively for the new and existing writers to clear the confusion.

Can you write your own biography on Wikipedia without any expert help?

A free platform for everyone to create a biography page or any page. Yes, you can create your own biography, if you know the writing style and guidelines of Wikipedia. As Wikipedia is strict about following rules for its reputation and reader’s facility.


While learning how to create a Wikipedia biography, it is essential to understand and memorize some of the important guidelines of biography. Make sure you are working on the notable topic and your information is verified and have a trustworthy source to cover.

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