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How To Make A Wikipedia Page – Gain Credibility As A Wikipedia Writer

Since the commencement of the Wikipedia project, it has been the sole purpose of the writers and editors to deliver authentic information and knowledge to the readers. As per record currently, 143,356 recent contributors are revising 1 hundred and thousands of existing articles. These contributors have complete information regarding the Wikipedia Guidelines and Article publishing policies. Through this, they can easily get acceptance for articles and publish the pages on Wikipedia.

If you are a Non-English writer or you would like to translate the page in your native language, Wikipedia offers you the opportunity to translate the work in your native language. As Wikipedia has several regional and international language pages in its project. With this, you have to understand the guidelines and read the policies thoroughly before you create a Wikipedia page. Let us dive in to understand the guidelines on how to create a Wikipedia page. 

Wikipedia Guidelines, On How To Create A Wikipedia Page

To understand and follow Wikipedia guidelines and Policies, one must know that these are described to create authenticity, resolve article issues, boost best quality content, and provide free information through the best worldwide online encyclopedia. To improve the quality of the page, one must read the guidelines before creating a custom Wikipedia Page. 

Wikipedia Content: When you feel like “I want to create a Wikipedia page,” you must work according to the Guidelines of Wikipedia. In which content is the top priority. Content must have notability in it, which can grab the attention as well as the trust of the readers. By citing sources and references, you can increase the quality of your content.

Wikipedia Article Conduct: Creating content with good faith and positive energy will attract readers to your article. Respect and other moral values must be practiced while revising existing articles or connecting for support with Wikipedia experts.

With this, Wikipedia Experts provide several other guidelines. If you see anyone who says I need a Wikipedia page, you must ask him or her to read and follow Wikipedia guidelines for the page process. 

The Process Of Creating a Custom Wikipedia Page

Let us explore the process of creating a custom Wikipedia page with complete authenticity.

Creating a Custom Wikipedia Page


  • Step 1: Create An Account On Wikipedia

For the page making process, one must look for Look for the top right option of creating an account or log in for starters. Select the required language for the page. Wikipedia has 321 different language pages for readers and writers around the world. Once you have clicked on the tab, it will open a form, which will ask for the username, password, and email address so that they can get back to you. 

If anyone says, “I want to create a Wikipedia page,” then you must guide them according to these steps. Here, you must remember that your account will have a public eye. If you are not comfortable in releasing your identity, you can choose the anonymous username. Wikipedia does not have account privacy services for any writer, therefore, you must decide before you create a Wikipedia page. 

  • Step 2: Edit the Existing Page

After logging in or creating an account, all writers must create credibility by revising existing articles. They can be old or new, can be from any genre or language. The purpose is to enhance your writing skills and gain the trust of Wikipedia experts. When you are revising the Wikipedia page, you must follow the guidelines, which suggest you use images, layout, and links within the content. With this, if you have categories or classifications in the topic, make sure you are creating a list before explaining each one of them. 

  • Step 3: Search For Unique Topics

Search For Unique Topics

The search bar on the Wikipedia page allows you to search for the existing and new topics on Wikipedia. It enhances the knowledge of a writer and ensures if the topic already has a page. To distinguish between existing and new you must follow the links like the red-colored link and the blue-colored link. One reveals that the topics do not exist and one shows the list of pages related to the topic, respectively. 

  • Step 4: Create an Article on Unique Topic

Once you have searched your topic thoroughly, you can now create a page and a draft of your article. It will help you in pointing down the information you are collected from the research work. While creating an article, you must be careful and bold in writing, whereas you must avoid arguments and debates. Make sure your content is prominent and understanding for the readers. 

  • Step 5: Citations and References

To gain the trust of the readers and Wikipedia experts one must follow the standard format of citation. A Wikipedia article must have proper and reliable references from books, published articles, or journals. So that Wikipedia can verify the information and citations provided in the article.

  • Step 6: Submitting for Validation

Make sure you have used the correct writing style, and tone. You must avoid linguistic errors and typo errors to get easy Validation for the Wikipedia authors. Once you have completed your article, you must submit it to the Authorities for proofreading and Validation

  • Step 7: Acceptance or Rejection of the Page

When you submit the page or article, you will receive an email within 3-4 weeks, if there is any error or things need to be changed before acceptance. However, if everything is fine and appropriate according to the Wikipedia guidelines and policies, then you will receive an authentication email. 

How Long Does it Take to create a Wikipedia article?

It depends on the writer and his or her research work. Once you have complete information on a certain topic and you have good typing speed. It will not take more than 1 hour to complete the article with correct citations and references. 

How can Wikipedia Page Writers support a person to create a Wikipedia page?

Once a person asks for support or guidance, the Wikipedia Page Writers guide you with some rules and policies of Wikipedia. So that while you are creating a page and article, you have thorough information regarding the Wikipedia page making process.

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