How Do You Get Your Name Appear on Wikipedia

Five Methods To Register and Get Enroll in Wikipedia

A publicly editable platform for several thousand and hundreds of readers and writers, Wikipedia is among the second-ranking of the most searched encyclopedias. With massive users and contributors, it is considered the most credible platform to gather information. The user of Wikipedia is guided by strict rules and policies to follow whether they are revising, writing, or uploading images on Wikipedia. New writers have to be cautious while writing, revising, proofreading, or mentioning the cite sources in the sections. As Wikipedia works according to the integrity and legitimacy of the sources.

Why Should I Have An Account On Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free platform; you do not have to register anyone with a fee payment. However, if you have an account, it will help you log in to Wikimedia and other Wikipedia projects for contributing. It will support you in creating articles on various topics, rewriting of the existing pages will get easier. Once you have your user page, it will encourage you to collaborate with several writers and editors while publishing your articles on your sandbox.

These are some of the most essential reasons to create an account first before contributing to the Wikipedia page.

Methods To Make Your Name Appear On Wikipedia

Several people are struggling to find an answer for “how do I put my name on Wikipedia.” If you are also one of them, you should understand that every system has a process. If you are wondering how then you must keep reading this post. Here, you will find steps to help you in enrolling in one of the best encyclopedias in the online world. Wikipedia has some rules and policies through which you have your page. However, it is considered useless to have a Wikipedia page on anyone, because the pages on Wikipedia require a neutral tone in content. With credibility and authenticity, a neutral tone is a prominent policy to gain Wikipedia page authenticity and article confirmation.

● Click the “Create an Account”

Open the Wikipedia website and click the right top corner option “create an account.” This will take you to the page formation procedure. Here you will see a dialogue box with few blanks.

● Enter User Name

In the username box, you must type your user name. It can be your name or an anonymous name. Make sure you remember the username for a long time.

●  Enter the Password

Fill in the strong password in the blank. As it will protect your username and identity. Make sure you are including numbers, characters, and letters in the password. You must re-enter the correct password in the “Confirm Password” box.

● Enter your E-Mail Address

This is an optional step if you want to provide Wikipedia with your authentic E-mail address. You must provide the one, which is active and authentic.

● Click on the Welcome button

This is the last step of creating an account. Here you will receive a dialogue box “Welcome to Wikipedia…” This dialogue box represents that your account has been created successfully.

Reason To Have An Online Presence

When you are learning how to register in Wikipedia, you must understand the purpose of having a Wikipedia page for anyone. It represents your personality online while creating credibility and authenticity. It encourages you to communicate internationally with readers, editors, and writers. Inspires you to have in-depth research on the topic and have updated information for the articles. It helps a writer to collaborate and connect with several writers, to learn a different style of the content formation process.

How can you make your name appear on Wikipedia?

If you are working on Wikipedia for public appearance, you must understand that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. To have an appearance would require an account and notable articles. Once you have built trust and authenticity with your articles and pages, the Wikipedia community will recognize your services.

Do I always have to create an account for every new page?

No, if you already have an account on Wikipedia, you can just sign-in and continue creating or correct the pages or articles simultaneously.


Once you have enrolled in the Wikipedia page, make sure you are sustaining your page and credibility through various notable articles and references. If you are here for revising purposes, work on your research and references. However, if you are creating pages on behalf of anyone ensure you have accurate cite sources to mention in an article.

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